TOROCELL Bioreactor System:

Our novel and unique patented Disposable Bioreactor Systems offer a very convenient alternative to conventional fermentors.

1. A mechanical GYRATING PLATFORM and 
2. A disposable BIOREACTOR BAG made of soft flexible plastic film.

GYRATING PLATFORM: A circular platform which gyrates from a very low rpm that imparts a smooth unidirectional flow to a high speed to provide a turbulent flow to the contents of Bioreactor Bag. The Platform is enclosed in an temperature controlled enclosure which maintains the temperature of the Bioreactor Bag and its contents within a range of 25 C to 40 C. The controls range from simple pH correction to dissolved Oxygen correction by aeration, CO2 correction by metered flow of CO2 etc., Touch panel display of parameters and programming possible.

BIOREACTOR BAG: This Doughnut shaped bag is made of soft flexible medical grade PVC film. These bags can be used directly for Bacterial, Fungal and suspension cell cultures. 
All Disposable Bags are produced in a ISO Class 5 (Class 10000) facility and are pre-sterilised by gamma radiation.

Stainless Steel Fermenter

Lablinks manufactures a variety of SS 316 Fermentors for applications such as Micro carriers for anchorage dependent cells, Suspension cell cultures, bacterial and fungal cultures. Sizes range from 5 litres to 500 litres and custom built for specific requirements.
All the relevant control systems can be incorporated into the system.

Roller Bottle Equipment

is suitable for bottles with diameter 115 mm to 155 mm. Please specify the Bottle sizes while ordering.
Silicone rubber lined aluminum rollers and SS construction,
Timer belts,
Stepper motors and controls.
Digital display of variable speeds from 0 to 150 RPH
Models with Built-in Incubators have unique air circulation / heating system developed in house. 220v AC supply.


Lablinks manufactures liquid BioFertilizers such as Azospirillum Brasilens, Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria, Pseudomonas Fluorescensis, Trichoderma etc., and also provides equipment and technology for the manufacture of these.

Other Products

  • Tangential Flow filtration systems.
  • Blotting manifolds

  • Stainless steel tanks, pressure vessels
  • Immunology gel kits
  • Laminar flow stations.
  • Portable Hot air units